Past Life Regression Therapy

Nothing just happens; everything has a story behind it.

वासांसि जीर्णानि यथा विहाय नवानि गृह्णाति नरोऽपराणि।

तथा शरीराणि विहाय जीर्णान्यन्यानि संयाति नवानि देही।।

“As a person puts on new garments, giving up old ones,
 similarly, the “soul” accepts new material bodies, giving up the old and useless ones.”
 – Bhagwat Gita
That is the reason, our soul carries with it the memories of all the past lives it has lived. These memories are stored in the subconscious mind of a person and also reside in various parts of our body. These stored body memories like our karmas play out an important role in our life.

Buddha gave accounts of his various past lives in Jataka Tales. Jain scriptures mention it as “Jati Smaran”, while Patanjali the author of Yoga Sutras called Past Life Regression  ‘Prati-prasav’ or reverse birthing. Today it is being extensively for healing unexplained, irrational fears, phobias. Disturbing and destructive self-beliefs or habits and addictions, entangled relationships or complicated family dynamics. Dis-ease for no reason, feeling lost, unworthy or lack of direction and purpose in life. Aliments with no medical cure or which keep returning. Repetitive life patterns or blocks you cannot understand. Or a childhood trauma, yet to be healed.
More than that, it can be an excellent tool for self-discovery, not just of present life-purpose, but also the trajectory of our lives. The wisdom we get to gain from those lifetimes can be then incorporated into our present choices.

“Now be silent.
Let the One who creates the words speak.
He made the door.
He made the lock.
He also made the key.”
~ Rumi

What all can PLR heal?

* Insecurities, anxiety, anger, guilt, shame, depression, panic attacks, irrational fears, phobias, obsessions, addictions, nightmares, unexplainable physical pain, blocked feelings, loss of life focus or etc.

* Understanding relationship conflicts and difficulties. Repetitive life patterns. Discordant and unfinished severance of past relationships.

* By going to the root cause and bringing about an understanding of how the body/mind connection works, Past Life Regression helps in healing diseases, illnesses and ailments of a psychosomatic nature (born in the mind and manifested in the body).

* Overcoming lack of direction, spiritual direction, low energy levels, unexplainable changes in behaviour, emotional outbursts etc.

* Stepping beyond limiting self–beliefs, negative or destructive mental attitudes like lack of confidence, low self-esteem, lack of trust, poverty consciousness etc., to allows us to realise our full potential.

* Helps to reconnect with the purpose of your life.

* Helps to overcome the fear of death.

* Helps you to overcome unexplained dissatisfaction in life by bringing about alignment between your life purpose and your life path.


Other Benefits:

Understanding karmic lessons, and life purpose. Tapping into wisdom of the soul and applying it to present life problems. A tool for self-discovery and spiritual growth. Overcoming spiritual and emotional blocks. Relationship harmony. Connecting with inner abundance.

What happens during a regression session?

A regression session is much like a deep guided meditation, in which you relax and allow your subconscious mind reveals deep memories, the storylines which hold the answers to life’s questions and conundrums, plus insights from celestial guides. Once we release the residual energy and unhealthy beliefs from those lifetimes, we feel lighter here, in this lifetime. For time is but a continuum.

Experience it for yourself. PLR also helps us find our strengths and lessons we carry forward from past lives, so that we can build on them in future.

Everyone experiences a past life in their own unique way.

During the first experience of regression people usually think that they have made up a story or imagined a life time. Many times it happens so that place, year and even names of a past life get validated later on. To get most out of a regression process, keep an open mind and avoid using your logical mind during the regression process. You will have ample of time for analysing it later on.
Just go with the flow and let the information pour into your mind without questioning it.

When the PLR Therapist instructs you to step into a past life you may experience one of the several reactions.
. You may see yourself quite clearly.
. You may see quick impressions.
. You may only seem to “Know” without seeing.
. You may not see anything, but feel as if someone is telling you what is happening .

Basically your experience can come up purely in either of these ways.

Go with your first impressions, first thoughts or feeling. Do not try to “see”, no movie reel plays as most people believe Past LIfe Session to be. So, regardless of your initial reaction upon entering your own past life doubt, disbelief or skepticism, you will need to answer the questions as the therapist asks them. As the regression progresses, you will find the impressions becoming stronger. If you actively analyse the process while in session, you will only retard the impressions, and eventually make the session null.

Your mind is on a journey through your soul’s experience of lifetimes. Let it travel freely. Analysis can wait until your session is finished, after you have collected all the data.

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4 thoughts on “Past Life Regression Therapy

  1. Hello Mr Joshi.I am from Dehradoon. I want to know about the healing session you take..and the way you can help us. And the fees you take for that. I think that my Maa needs healing session. She is 60years old but she get tired very easy, she remain sad most of time.she has very negative approach towards life,she always say no to most of the things, she just want to win every argument, she always think that she is always right….etc.previously she was not like this .she is very caring and nice to us… But she want that everything should go according to her…..

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    1. Hello Niyati, please send details to, we can take it forward.

      Inner Journeys

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  2. The inclusion of Bible verses was very interesting to me. There are so many mysteries to learn about. Thank you for sharing.


    1. We are glad you could relate. Wisdom can come from myriad streams, for a student of life! Yes, there is so much to learn.


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