People have to be worthy of you to have you in their life

People Have To Be Worthy Of You To Have You In Their Life

People have to be worthy of you to have you in their life.
One important fact that we overlook in our relationships is that if someone loves you then they will respect you and care for you.
If someone loves you then he or she will organically honour and respect your existence in their life.
I come across many clients who say my partner loves me but when he or she is angry he/ she just looses it on me.
When the anger subsides he/ she apologises to me and then everything is fine.
These abusive partners also say that “If I will not vent my frustration on you then to whom will I do it?”
“I love you and therefore I share everything with you.”
And there can be a hundred more statements that these people may give.

The fact is they know that you love them enough to put up to their shit, anger and nasty behaviour.
They know that you are a weak target and they can say anything to you.
Later they just have to make you feel guilty by making you responsible for their mean behaviour or Pamper you a little and whisper sweet words in your ears and they are good to go till another outburst of aggression happens, and the cycle continues till you realise that you have lost your self respect and confidence in the bargain for getting a little love and affection.

Wise people cherish their relationships and make an effort to keep them. They know the value of love and know how to honour it.
They will never make you feel like a dumping yard for their aggression and frustration.
When you love someone make sure that love is not just said but practiced by your partner and you as well.
Make sure that they respect you as you respect them.
They should take care of you as much you take care of them.
Relationships are of equality. If you are settling down for less and keep waiting for love then pause for a while and examine yourself.

God blesses each one of us with love at least once in the lifetime.
He places this one special person on our palms and tells us to hold this person like a delicate flower in between our palms. So that this flower can spread its fragrance with the help of the warmth that it gets from our love. We keep waiting all our lives to receive this flower but once we have it, it is the first thing we crush between our palms with our anger and ego. Flower still gives out its sweet smell but it soon dies because of the cold and brutal treatment.
Seldom we realise our fault, we only blame the flower for it.

You are that beautiful flower who has all the right to bloom and spread its fragrance and nectar.
Only you have the capability to decide who is worthy of holding you.
So choose wisely, don’t allow people to crush you and then throw you in the name of love.
People will only realise your worth once you know it yourself.
They will only treat you right if you treat yourself right.
They will only love you when you love yourself and don’t settle down for anything less than true and unconditional love.
Don’t let anyone determine your value or worth. You have to evaluate your worth and don’t have to settle down for anything which is below your standards.
If people want your love they will upgrade themselves if they don’t then they are not worth you.
Love yourself with all your heart because if you love yourself you will be able to love someone else with all your heart.
You will only be able to give if you have it.
Stop looking for love, it will automatically come to you once you start giving it to yourself.

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